Durastill Models 30H, 30J, 46A and 46C

Note: All Durastill distillers have a safety switch that will shut down the heating element and fan when the water level is too low. For automatic distillers, a second float switch controls the operation of the water solenoid valve. These switches are set at the factory and should require no adjustment.

Distiller does not operate (neither fan nor heating element is working): 

  1. Make sure power is on and unit is plugged in.

  2. Check the water level in the evaporator tank and make sure it is not too low.

  3. Check the water level in the storage tank. It may be full and the storage tank float ox has shut the unit off.

  4. Thermo reset switch needs to be reset. Allow unit to cool down before resetting. Note: This often means the float level in the evaporator needs adjustment.

  5. If 1-4 do not solve the problem, the float arm may be functioning improperly.

Fan does not operate automatically:

  1. Make sure fans switch is set to ON.

  2. Check the water level in the evaporator tank and make sure it is not too low.

  3. If those do not work, the fan motor may be faulty. This is usually indicated by steam passing through the condenser coils.

Fan operates, yet no water is produced:

  1. Give it time. When the unit if first filled, it requires time to make steam. The water in the evaporator many not have reached boiling temperature yet. Wait approximately 30 minutes.

  2. If is still does not heat up, the heating element may be faulty.

  3. If a large amount of steam is coming from the volatile vent hole on top of the distiller or from under the lid, the post filter may be blocked/clogged.

Evaporator tank will not fill (automatic distillers only):

  1. Make sure the automatic fill switch is turned ON.

  2. Make sure the saddle valve is turned on and the line is free of kinks.

  3. Check the float inside the evaporator tank and make certain it is not stuck.

  4. Make sure the float switch mechanism is set correctly) refer to float switch instructions.)

  5. Ensure the water line pressure at the inlet is less than 70 psi.

  6. Pre Filer may be damaged/clogged.

  7. If 1-6 do not solve the problem, the water solenoid valve is likely damaged.

Water or steam escaping from the condensing coil VOC vent:

  1. Make sure the fan switch is turned ON.

  2. Make sure the post filter is not clogged and the post filter line is free of kinks. (Can use the stainless steel bypass tube in place of the post filter to verify if necessary.)

  3. Make sure that the evaporator tank is not too full. (Especially on manual units, the water level should be at least 2 to 3 inches from the top.)

Drain valve on right side of distiller is leaking: 

  1. Most often a leaking drain valve is due to the small rubber washer inside the valve having been deformed due to tightening the drain valve too firmly or from water scale or other debris. Remove the Phillips screw to pull the valve out to examine the washer for deformity or any debris. Then clean and reassemble, (or replace the rubber washer if necessary.)

  2. If the above does not remedy the problem, (and if the leak is coming from the large threads on the valve), then the complete valve must be removed and new plumbers tape wrapped around the threads and then the valve reinstalled.