Water Distiller with Glass Collection Bottle

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This inexpensive water distiller is available with a white plastic exterior and glass collection bottle. It is an entry-level unit for the budget conscious consumer. It is not as highly recommended or rated as other models we have available, but this unit may be the next best thing and costs a little less.

Although this water distiller may not boast the reputation or dependability of the most advanced, heavy-duty H2o Labs models, it produces almost the same quality distilled water*. This new model is a low-priced alternative that we are offering to see how customers like it.

Features & Convenience:

  • Least expensive water distiller with glass collection bottle
  • Similar look as our Best-in-Class models. Stainless Steel steam chamber, dome and condensing coil. 
  • Easy operation, just fill and start.
  • Faster production: Process 4 liters of tap water in a little less time, (approx. 4 hours) due to the larger, (750 Watt) heating element for more rapid boiling which shortens the water purification process.
  • Splash shield added to help reduce contamination from 750 Watt rapid-boil splashing.
  • Automatic turn-off when distillation cycle is completed. Also has an LED reset indicator.
  • Comes ready to go. Complete with collection bottle and 12 activated charcoal sachets that last for up to 30 days each.


  • Output: Up to 24 Litres per Day (6 cycles)
  • Size: 290×290×390 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Boiling Chamber: 4 Litre capacity, stainless steel
  • Collection Container: 4 Litre capacity.
  • Power Source: AC 240V/50Hz. (For UK, Ireland and other countries using the Type G British three-pin rectangular blade electric plug.)
  • Power Consumption: 750W

*The reasons why H2o Labs models produce water to a higher degree of purity compared to the above model is due to an optimized heating element to reduce contaminant splashing, and H2o Labs exclusive Activated Carbon Pods that contain 3 times the activated carbon for more effective VOC removal when compared to the above model and other similar water distillers.

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    Excelent product

    Posted by Mrs Virginia Spykerman on 15th Feb 2017

    It's a very good product, have used one for the last month belonging to a friend.